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I’m not going to cover too much in the ‘Build’ section as it is largely similar to the first frame. There were a few tweaks to the process though.

Rather than cutting out the insides of each layer before I glued it together, I bought a finger jointer for my router and made up each frame half as a solid panel. This was largely driven by my original intention to get the frame CNC routed rather than do it by hand.

20140126_22213320140322_195518 20140322_195618

All cutting of the frame shape and shaping was done mostly by hand held router and a series of jigs. In particular, routing the inside of the frame needed very careful setting out of the router guides as it had to be cut to +/-0.5mm!

To prove that you don’t need a high tech workshop for this work here’s mine. Black & Decker Workmate with a home built MDF router table top to allow me to screw the hand held router into the bench and also give me a bigger workspace. There are plenty of MDF and perspex guides etc that I’ve made to screw into the table and the router base for various operations. I’ve found Ron’s Router Tips and Tricks a great resource for getting great results with minimal cost/ effort.


Here are a few build details


Internal cable guide exits 20140713_091718Frame half before bonding. Yes, they’re thin tubes!   20140713_091827

Front deraileur cable routing round the underside of the BB


I used brass cable guides and only run the cable inner through them rather than needing a long length of cable outer running through the frame like last time. It worked ok but cables do have a very slight rattle inside the tubes when I go over rough surfaces which is annoying. I’ve also realised that my cable bend radii are too tight and lose quite a lot of brake power due to cable friction.20140921_204721

Drop outs. I used a Giant replacable mech hanger part for the rear deraileur hanger. I also used a Giant front mech hanger screwed into the threaded inserts you can see in the inset mech hanger cut out.20140920_162928Ready for varnishing. You’ll notice that the Padauk is a very different colour prior to varnishing than the finished frame. I also used precut vinyl decals this time rather than trying to print my own. Much easier.

All aluminium parts (BB, head tube, seat tube, brake bridge, inserts, cable guides) came from Ceeway framebuilding supplies.


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One thought on “Build

  1. wow, just seen the woody, i didnt realise you had created another monster. Looks ace. I see the walls are indeed thin……. a testament to your aptitude with the router.
    i get how to create the outer tube radii from a radiussed bit. but the uber thin walls on the inside, are a tad thin, well done for getting them that thin and not breaking through.
    You’re braver than i

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