Here are some pages that i’ve used for inspiration in no particular order – Did i mention these guys! The masters. – An interesting blog about a home built ‘Plycycle’ – High performance bamboo bikes – These bikes kind of look like they’re made out of pencils but look fun – The very originally named ‘Wood Bike’ with some cool looking frames in the Custom Gallery   Hardwood bikes from Spain   James Robinson’s page where you can get hold of the construction plans for the 2×4 recumbent that I built.×4.htm – XnTrick Cycles take on James Robinson’s 2×4 Low Racer with some nice additions. – A couple of wooden bike gems here. Awesome work. Though if you can follow the text in the blog itself you’re doing better than me!    Hand made mahogany bikes in Japan – Interesting discussion about Renovo bikes – Wooden Wheels! I’d love a set of these. If anyone needs to know when my birthday is to send me some then drop me a line and i’ll let you know the date! – Fully wooden bike!

Jay Kinsinger from Cedarville University

Instructable on how to build a wooden frame

Ken Stolpmann
Cool softbeam bike by Ken Stolpmann at NAHBS 2013. With some fantastic inlay work

Yojiro Oshima
TT Bike ‘Sculpture’ by Yojiro Oshima –

Grainworks Analogue 1
Grainworks – Analogue 1

Charles Boulnois’s Aleron bike – A work of artt

Houten Racefiets solid (!) laminated frame 

Cyclingwood Tandem
Love this tandem – This is definitely on my to do list at some point to replace our trusty Burley frame – Looks well designed and expertly executed

Cabinet maker David Lightbourne has made this awesome Tri bike that he competes on –


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