Single Speed

I came across Renovo Bikes in my time spent researching wooden bikes and what started as a passing interest in the Oregon based company has turned into somewhat of an obsession! They are incredible.

Most wooden bikes that i’ve seen look like some lumber thrown together in the shape of a bike. One of the beauties of using wood is the freedom that you have to create a smoothely contoured shape and showcase the beautiful grain of the wood. There are others that produce elegant looking bikes like Axalko in Spain

Axalko Bat

Sueshiro Sano in Japan who makes fully wooden bikes from laminated mahogany

and also a few other interesting looking bikes by Wood Bike

But in my opinion Renovo are unrivaled in elegance and design. I saw the bike below on my Google travels and fell in love

It has wenge stays with a Port Orford ceder centre stripe, maple and padauk main frame with a wenge pin stripe. The wood colours are 100% natural with no paint, dye, stain…. just the contrasting wood species themselves.

There is some information on the Renovo website about how they build the bikes. When I first read about it, seeing terms terms like CNC routing, oven curing and chemical treatment, I thought it sounded well out of the realms of a home tinkerer like me . That is untill i saw this blog It might not be the finest looking bike but its a bloody good effort and reading about his home build re-invigorated me to get a pencil and paper out and start planning the next project.

The build is split into several sections. If you’re not interested in the waffle then jump straight to Photos otherwise theres plenty of information in Design and Construction taking you through my learning process.


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